Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gwen Stefani Versus Britney Spears

Gwen is so gorgeous ooh ahh and Kngston is so cute omg omg! Britney is trash and Sean P. is gross!! YEAHHHH!!!
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Ok like seriously stop already. I'm soooo damn sick of these praises for Gwen Stefani and her baby for no reason at all. Just cos everyone seems to think it's cool to like Gwen, please, you don't have to lick her boots for no reason. Her baby is NOT cuter than Britney Spears's son Sean Preston, NO WAY IN HELL! Just 'cos you all think it's uncool to like Britney, don't trash her cute little nugget.

See for yourself - and JUDGE FAIRLY!


Sean Preston:

Tell me that cute little pancake angel Sean Preston isn't cute!!! YOU ARE A LIAR if you say that!!!

Kingston is nowhere near as cute as little Sean P.

And why the hell do I care so much I hear you ask? It's 'cos I HATE LIARS AND POSUERS WHO CLAIM TO "LIKE" SOMETHING ONLY 'COS THEY THINK IT'S COOL TOO. F. YOU!

Oh by the way, these pictures of Britney have just gotten all over the internet today:

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I think she looks GORGEOUS in these pics. But of course, everyone's trashing her, saying she's no Demi Moore to do this and blah blah ('cos Demi did a nude pregnant shot on Vanity Fair before). Puh-lease! She's lots better looking than Demi!

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY a Britney fan. In fact, I really hate her music with a passion, but I give credit where it's due. She's a good businesswoman, a great dancer and I think people just need to stop trashing her for no reason - and sucking up to other people i.e. Gwen Stefani for no apparent reason either.

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Eccentric obsessions: Elvis and Koizumi (and other passions of the world's leaders)

As Japan's premier prepares to pay homage to Elvis at Graceland tomorrow, the closet hobbies of world leaders past and present are laid bare. From pitchers to crooners, auteurs to impressionists, these are politicians with hidden passions.
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This is THE funniest article I've read in a while. I'll just summarize (in case you're too lazy to read the long article) some of the global leader's obsessions (the oddest ones) - that they've actually ADMITTED to having:

Junichiro Koizumi: Elvis Presley
For years, Junichiro Koizumi was known in Japan's sclerotic political world as henjin or weirdo - an eccentric with unpopular ideas, suspiciously dapper good looks and that expensively coiffed grey perm. So when he became Prime Minister in April 2001, Mr Koizumi did what any conservative Japanese politician worried about his odd image would: he released a collection of Elvis tunes.

Kim Jong II: Cinema
North Korea's Dear Leader has a love of cinema that borders on the pathological. He is said to have collected more than 10,000 movies (his favourites including the Godfather series, James Bond, Daffy Duck cartoons and horror movies) and to have bought every Oscar-winning film. Elizabeth Taylor is, reportedly, his much-loved pin-up.

Jacques Chirac: Sumo Wrestling
If he had not been a politician, Jacques Chirac would like to have been a sumo wrestler. The French President is a devoted fan of the ancient Japanese form of wrestling. He has tapes of bouts sent over from Japan and often watches them in the Elysée Palace while drinking - one of his other unlikely passions - Mexican beer.

Ferenc Gyurcsany: Hugh Grant
It was bizarre enough for British cinema-goers to watch Hugh Grant strut his stuff around No 10 to the energetic beats of Eighties pop in the 2003 film Love Actually. Imagine, then, the shock of Hungarians when they were later confronted with a home video of their real-life Prime Minister recreating the rom-com moment - and casting himself in the role of the floppy-haired, shoulder-wiggling hero. Ferenc Gyurcsany, Hungary's Prime Minister since 2004, recorded the clip as a wedding gift to a government spokesman.

Hugo Chavez: Baseball
Contrary to popular belief, Hugo Chavez didn't join the army to launch his political career, or gain an education, he did it to further his baseball ambitions. His greatest dream, he told an interviewer, was to play for the San Francisco Giants. Once in Caracas, his hopes of catching the eye of a scout failed to materialise. The Venezuelan president turned out to be more of a soldier than a pitcher and became more interested in running the country than home runs. However, the eccentric leader, who also has a Berlusconi-esque passion for singing folk songs and painting, has latterly found his way back to the baseball diamond. He captained a national all-star team in a match with his fellow Latin American lefty Fidel Castro ( p.s. I LOVE FIDEL CASTRO :-D )

Saddam Hussein: Writing
The dramas of real life in Iraq were evidently not enough for Saddam Hussein, who turned his hand to creating warlords, battles and invasions on the page. The former dictator likes nothing better than curling up with a copy of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, from which he draws inspiration. His first novel, Zabiba and the King, published in 2002, recounts a love affair between a king and a peasant girl - believed to be a metaphor for Iraq - who is violated by a heartless stranger. It was an instant bestseller and made part of the school curriculum. His nom de plume - "He who writes" - was exposed in 2004, when a journalist revealed that Saddam's writing process only goes as far as a few notes. One of his ghostwriters died in mysterious circumstances in 2003.

Silvio Berlusconi: Music
Silvio Berlusconi may no longer be Italy's Prime Minister since losing the general election in April, but his devotion to his hobbies far outstrips that of the man he sneeringly described as "that nice cyclist", Romano Prodi. The pastime for which he is best known is music: accomplished at piano, guitar and double bass, he claims to have paid his way through university by singing and strumming on cruise ships, accompanied by an old friend called Fedele Confalonieri (who now runs his television company Mediaset). He has written the lyrics for a CD of Neapolitan-style love songs, played by Mariano Apicella, and Berlusconi and Apicella jam together frequently during the summer holiday at Berlusconi's enormous Villa Certosa in Sardinia. His youthful employment with a picture framer also gave him a lasting passion for collecting pictures, and, since buying Villa Certosa, he has become a devotee of cacti, of which he possesses at least 400.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

US panel backs India nuclear deal

A US Congressional panel has backed a controversial plan to share civilian nuclear technology with India.
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And whoever in the world ever made US World Police? To give the 'green light' to any country to if and how they may use nuclear energy?

These kinds of stories make my blood boil. What with when they have zero credibility - being the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons. Moreover two, at that rate.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Sir Ian McKellen Chooses The Ten Best Drag Acts

Amongst them are shock Queen Betty Legs Diamond, Aunt Agony-esque Dame Edna/Barry Humphries and Goss-doshers Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough.
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This delightfully handsome and intelligent man can NEVER EVER do ANYTHING wrong, can he!? I just love him! And what a great list this is (note: NO Boy George, thank Heavens!).

Especially for UK natives or anyone planning on travelling to the UK for some theatre treats, a great read so you know what to watch if you're interested in watching drag acts.

I've personally watched quite a few in London's west-end, including the legenday Lily Savage - who is sadly rumoured to have hung up his wig...

I must say, this list is comprehensive, and most of these acts are not to be missed! Very, very entertaining.

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Prejudice is killing Aids victims, warns Annan

Kofi Annan has warned that winning the battle against Aids means acknowledging that homosexuals, prostitutes and injecting drug users are at particular risk and need protection.
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Why doesn't someone ask this dumbass to shut his trap!?

Millions of other people are also dying in war torn nations because people like you have a prejudice against them for being Asian, African, Arab, Muslim, Jewish, etc.

These civilians did NOT ask for war, and to be under a corrupt government they are unable to get rid of.

But the majority of these Aids victims are victims of their own stupidity for using drugs, being promiscuous, etc etc.

Which group do you think deserves more help?

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PETA ambushes Beyoncé at Nobu restaurant in NYC

PETA apparently won a auction to dine with Beyoncé, then set her up with an undercover camera, for her fur-wearing ways. After that, the wonderful folks at TMZ posted the vid on their website.
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I applaud TMZ for posting the video on their website - freedom of media should be totally accepted and protected.


I am not for all this PETA business in trying to protect some creatures from being killed for fur. For fuck's sake! ANIMALS WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO BE USED - HUMANELY I WILL ADD (that means killing these animals in the way that will cause them least pain possible - and believe me, many of these fur coat, etc., manufacturers DO kill the animals humanely).



People should have the CHOICE - whether they want to be a chinchilla hugging nut, or keep themselves warm with fur.

PETA should get a life, and get off people's case - Beyoncé, J.Lo or otherwise. People have an individual right to choose what's best for them.

And besides, there are MANY OTHER PRESSING ISSUES IN THE WORLD than saving some animals.

THERE ARE CHILDREN DYING IN THE THIRD WORLD OF HUNGER, BRED BY POVERTY. What has PETA got to say about that? A dog is worth more to them than a child, I'm sure.

A side note, PETA should not be wasting donation money on bidding for celebrity dinners just to catch them. I'm sure there's better way of spending donations.

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More leaked Brangelina baby shower photos

...there's a rumor that one of Brad's bodyguards is behind it.
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Oh like really!

I bet attention-hungry Miss Angie herself is behind these photo "leaks".

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Blair enlists Geldof, Gates and Annan for aid panel

Tony Blair is to warn it will take "hard work for years to come" to tackle poverty in Africa.
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I had to stop myself from choking because of laughing too hard when I read this. Tony Blair is such a Goddamn loser. Geldof, Gates and Annan!?!?!?!? For fuck's sake, why get three losers who know nothing much about humble charity themselves? Geldof is a failed musician, Gates is a greedy monopolistic pig and Annan is a corrupt little bastard (and the last two are a matter of a fact, not opinion). I don't understand what made Blair chose these three. Oh wait, maybe because birds of a feather flock together? Blair's a bit of a birdbrain himself isn't he?

I know I commit the serious offence of Ad Hominem here bur seriously I don't give a fuck 'cos it's true! I'm just surprised the shithead didn't bring along the loser of a Bono on board as well.

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Warren Buffett gives away his fortune

The world's second richest man - who's now worth $44 billion - tells editor-at-large Carol Loomis he will start giving away 85% of his wealth in July - most of it to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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I don't know why Buffet is deciding to this now. I mean... after the positive impression Gates has made on all of us by doing his charity work, does this man necessarily think we'll like his capitalist ass a lot more if he jumps on the
Bill & Melinda bandwagon?

Anyway, whatever the motive, at least people who need the help are gonna be helped.

Unlike Angelina Jolie, the media attention whore, I believe Buffet's got better intentions.

But I guess you can never be too cautious about ulterior motives of do-gooder celebrities/personalities. Just like the whole fiasco Bjork caused a second time with her feathery dress when she decided to donate it to Oxfam.

I hate attention whores.

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